Titel: From The Vile Catacombs
Label: Roll The Bones Records / Soul Food
Produzent: Ra's Dawn & Christian Kohlmannslehner, Kai Stahlenberg
Release: 10. März 2017


1. Inside Out
2. Crusher
3. Ghosts Of My Mind
4. Soraya's Eyes
5. Speak To The Dead
6. (We Play) The Music Of The Devil
7. Revenant Soul
8. From The Vile Catacombs Of Sahure

Titel: At The Gates Of Dawn
Label: g.o.d. records / twilight
Produzent: Ra's Dawn & Christian Kohlmannslehner
Release: 24. April 2009


1. The Conjuration
2. Scorched Earth War
3. Blinding Black
4. Osiris
5. In Dark Ages
6. Violation
7. Winterstorm
8. Twist Of Fate
9. The Dawn Of Ra

Titel: Lebende Legende
Label: Eigenproduktion
Produzent: Ra's Dawn & Peter Dümmler @ MerlinSound
Release: August 2007

Offizielle Fanhymne der DEL Eishockey Mannschaft Krefeld Pinguine


1. Lebende Legende
2. Flame of War*
3. Forever*

*vom Album "Scales of Judgement"

Titel: Scales Of Judgement
Label: Metal Heaven / Point Music
Produzent: Tommy Newton
Release: 25. August 2006


1. Forever
2. Anubis
3. In Oceans Of Lies
4. Scarlet Dawn
5. The Masque Of The Red Death
6. Flame Of War
7. Terrified
8. Exodus

Titel: Unveiling The Grotesque
Label: Eigenproduktion / Demo
Produzent: Fabian Zimmermann
Release: 2003

1. Terrified (E.A.P. Chapter I)
2. Follow Me
3. The Masque Of The Red Death
4. All That's Left Is Pain
5. The Fall Of The House Of Usher (E.A.P. Chapter II)
6. Speak To The Dead (Bonus Track)
7. Passage To The Moon (Bonus Track)

Titel: Solar Force
Label: Eigenproduktion / Demo
Produzent: Fabian Zimmermann
Release: 2001

1. Forlorn Dream
2. In Memory
3. The Dawn Of Ra
    -Part I: Solar Force
    -Part II: Barque Of Millions Of Years
    -Part III: Pharaoh
    -Part IV: A God's Wrath
    -Part V: Epilogue